Sonoran Crest: July Newsletter

When it comes to optimal workplace culture, employee appreciation and perks are at the top of our list. In our July newsletter, we celebrate Lynn Awtrey, highlight a workplace wellness program, and recognize the awesome work of Team Crest. Check it out!

    • Team Crest Member for Superintendent Lynn Awtrey
    • Health and Wellness at Sonoran Crest
    • Healthcare Project Portfolios

Team Crest Shoutout: Lynn Awtrey, Superintendent

We are celebrating Lynn’s 1 year hire anniversary with Team Crest in July! He is a rock in our field, and always enjoys learning something new and taking on new challenges. Lynn, we appreciate your proactive solutions approach to problems, and staying ahead of the game! Keep up the great work!

What do you do as a Superintendent with Sonoran Crest Construction?

As a Superintendent, I am on the front lines of leading a successful project from start to finish, with a wonderful team behind me. I lead my projects with safety, coordinating trades and subcontractors, closely tracking the project schedule, and constantly looking at the job site for unseen issues or delays that may hinder progress, and coming up with solutions to ensure stakeholder, design, a construction success! I am always learning something and striving for excellence!

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy that every job is different; different challenges, different people and different scopes. I enjoy always learning and mentoring assistants and trades. Meeting new clients, property managers, trades and forging lasting professional relationships is something I value in my role.

Why do you choose Sonoran Crest Construction?

Sonoran Crest was recommended to me through a vendor I have worked with for many years. Sonoran Crest is the best company I have ever worked for. They have my back constantly, asking how they can support me in doing my job better, and offering training to further my success. They are a professional team and a great family!

Health and Wellness

Nothing like a little yoga and meditation to encourage employees towards wellness and self-care! Especially for the office team who may tend to be desk-bound most of the day, a break to stretch, close the eyes, and refocus is a beautiful thing.

Every other week, Sonoran Crest yogis roll out their yoga mats, dim the lights, and silence the cell phones, to focus on body, soul, and mind for an hour.

Our certified yoga and meditation instructor is amazing! Lisa, thank you for coming into our space and leading us through the practice of yoga and meditation. Our bodies, minds, and attitudes are very grateful!

Healthcare Project Portfolios

Over the last year, Sonoran Crest Construction has built-out over 300,000 SF of healthcare space, ranging from dental suites, ophthalmologist offices, and urgent care facilities to live operational hospital facilities, hospital laboratories, diagnostic facilities, and outpatient surgical centers. Attention to detail, collaboration with design and engineering team, containment and safety, coordination with equipment vendors and consideration of live patient care environments, are just a few of the challenges Sonoran Crest thrives on in working within the healthcare sector. Here are a few notable projects within the last couple of months.

TOCA Arrowhead

Sonoran Crest has worked closely with TOCA over the last 8 years providing several clinic buildouts and improvement projects. Most recently complete is the Glendale clinic.

PET Remodel

Heart and Vascular T.I. to accommodate PET equipment and rework of outpatient treatment area.

Banner Urgent Care Downtown

Although a small project in size, this build was a strategic location for Banner Health, as being the first urgent care facility to open doors in the downtown Phoenix area. Sonoran Crest also completed the 3rd Phase of Urgent Care Refreshes across the State of Arizona for Banner Health, inclusive of over 30 locations.


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