Sonoran Crest: August Newsletter

Team Crest steps out of the workplace to champion youth financial literacy and career development in this month’s newsletter!

In our August newsletter, Sonoran Crest celebrates team member Adam Scott, gives back to the community, and recognizes the achievements of Kurt Baker. Check it out!

Employee Highlight: Adam Scott, Estimator

We are celebrating Adam’s 2-year hire anniversary with Team Crest in August! Adam is the lead estimator and responsible for $15M worth of project proposals last month. Adam, we will keep the M&M’s stocked and iced coffees on tap, bud. Keep up the great work!

What do you do as an Estimator with Sonoran Crest Construction?

As an estimator, it is my responsibility to procure coverage for projects and to make sure that all the items required for a complete proposal are included in the pricing. I am in communication with clients, architects and sub-contractors throughout the estimating process for complete and accurate pricing. With the volume of proposals that we push out, I couldn’t do it without the support of the team, especially Kelcie Seely!

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy the relationships made with clients, subcontractors and colleagues. Being able to cultivate relationships is a big part of estimating. It helps to ensure that Sonoran Crest will continue to be considered for new opportunities. Furthermore, it helps me secure the coverage needed on projects and guarantees I will have people there to help me out in a pinch.

Why do you choose Sonoran Crest Construction?

The culture! We all work extremely hard but have fun at the same time. Sonoran Crest offers plenty of opportunities to decompress and enjoy life. This includes weekly meditation, company outings, catered lunches, and flexibility with schedules for family and free time. Also, I am able to be myself and that is very refreshing.

Developing the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Partnering with Junior Achievement in Junior BizTown was a wonderful experience and investment of time!

Junior Achievement partners with over 400 schools each year to impact student’s experience and literacy in financial, career, and economic aspects of life. JA plays a vital role in Arizona’s workforce and economic development.

A national longitudinal study, conducted in 2016, found that Junior Achievement students – compared to non-JA students- are 6% more likely to graduate high school, 67% more likely to have an advanced degree, and 30% more likely to graduate college, and have 34% higher critical thinking skills.

For more information, check out

Team Lean-Submittal Tracking

Submittal tracking can make or break a project schedule!

Sonoran Crest utilizes an integrative platform providing collaborative, time-stamped, ball-in-court action items to be captured automatically with notifications sent to all parties involved.

Transparency with review and approval periods to the appropriate team members allows Sonoran Crest to do more with less, maintain aggressive schedules, and provide a product in alignment with designed intent.

In the Words of Our Clients…

Congrats to Team Crest Superintendent Kurt Baker for wowing another client!

It’s been a pleasure to work with your team!

“I am sure I don’t need to tell you, but Kurt is a rockstar! I am not sure where the project would have wound up without him. He answered his phone every time I called and went above and beyond to complete this project. I thank you all for your hard work and look forward to more projects in the future.”


Sonoran Crest is proud of the exemplary achievements of each of its team members that embody our vision and values. Join this team of professionals on the Career pages.