Sonoran Crest: April Newsletter

Sonoran Crest is proud to employ dedicated and hardworking individuals that progress the purpose and goals of the company. In our April newsletter, we celebrate some top highlights from our team and company achievements, including:

    • Star team member, McKinzie Payne
    • Our Best of NAIOP nomination
    • Our approach to project kick-offs.

Check it out!

Employee Spotlight: McKinzie Payne

McKinzie Payne has been with Team Crest for more than four years as a rock-star Project Coordinator. McKinzie’s role as Project Coordinator is crucial to the team’s success, one she consistently executes with beauty, brains, and grit. Keep it up, McKinzie!

Q: What do you do as a Project Coordinator with Sonoran Crest Construction?

A: I provide organized and concise information to our clients and our subcontractors.

Tracking submittals, releasing work orders, communication with subcontractors as well as keeping all players of a project informed, and preparing client payment applications, are a few of my assigned tasks.

Q: What do you enjoy about your role?

A: I like interacting with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the project progress and outcomes. Identifying challenges and executing solutions are also areas I enjoy about Project Coordinating.

Q. Why do you choose Sonoran Crest Construction?

A: It’s a collaborative, team approach to execute safe, productive, managed, high-quality projects. Sonoran Crest nurtures an innovative mindset. New ideas and suggestions for improvement are taken seriously at every level of expertise.

Join McKinzie and the rest of Team Crest! Check out the career opportunities on our Careers page.

Sonoran Crest Nominated Best of NAIOP

Sonoran Crest was honored to be recognized and nominated for the Best of NAIOP awards this year! Take a look at the Sonoran Crest projects that were nominated for this prestigious award:

Tempe Gateway 7th Floor

Sonoran Crest Construction partnered closely with Phoenix Design One, Cousins Properties, and the tenant to demo and build-back 33,000 square feet of Class-A space at Tempe Gateway. The build was successfully completed in an aggressive 8-week schedule allowing lease agreements and transfer of locations for the tenant to occur smoothly. The space highlights creative and themed rooms to showcase sourced products by the tenant, as well as providing a collaborative and inspiring work environment.

Phoenix Spine Ambulatory Surgical Center

Demo and build-out of 7,200 square feet of Class B and C surgical treatment facility in Mountain View Medical Plaza. The project was a collaboration with triARC Architecture and Design along with Cypress
West and Dr. Lieberman to ensure the project was completed to the specificity and intent of involved stakeholders. The ambulatory surgical center is complete with onsite generator provision and installation, two operating rooms, PACU with control centers, nurse stations, four pre-op treatment areas, injection room,
clean/soil workroom, patient waiting and restroom areas, as well as employee breakroom and physician dictation area.

Approach to Project Kick-Off

In efforts to ensure a Team Lean approach, Sonoran Crest utilizes a kick-off meeting approach following a project award to ensure information and project details are transferred from the estimating team, proactively addressed, and followed up on by the construction team before problems arise.

The meeting agenda is tracked on every project with action items that can be assigned to the appropriate team members, whether it be scope gap or permit status follow-up. The tool is completely digital and accessible by Sonoran Crest team at all times on any mobile device or computer!

A brief but thorough look at the estimating history of the project, along with project details or unknowns the construction team needs to pursue is the primary focus of the meeting.

Ultimately, this discipline of communication as a team prior to the project starting leads to better communication with clients and project stakeholders, proactive strategists, and a better prepared and informed team approach to a successful project!

In The Words of Our Clients

At Sonoran Crest, our employees work hard to go above and beyond to deliver amazing results. This month we recognize Crest team members Ryan, John, and Melanie for a job well done!

The remodeled spaces look great as does the new building addition! It was a great experience working directly with John, Ryan and Melanie on this project.

“Over the years I have worked with many General Contractors, Project Managers, Superintendents, and Project Coordinators and the team assembled at SCC are at the top of the list. There were several significant challenges related to the existing infrastructure along with the typical design and documentation issues and they were all addressed proactively and professionally and resolved.

Project communication and follow up was timely and financial information managed fairly and effectively. We all understand how easily project challenges arise and it is the effort, character, and professionalism that set apart the truly skilled from the average. Accept my thanks as we close this project out and I look forward to working with the SCC team again.”


Sonoran Crest is dedicated to producing exemplary solutions for its clients. To do this, Sonoran Crest has partnered with talented individuals that are capable of progressing the values of the business and providing excellent service. Join our team of professionals on the Career pages.