A Guide for Sonoran Crest Team Members Relocating to Phoenix

Living in Phoenix

Those moving from out-of-state to join Sonoran Crest’s positive culture and nurturing work environment will find a thriving new city to call home. Sonoran Crest is nestled in the Metro Phoenix area, now home to over 4.7 million residents and counting. In fact, Phoenix’s Maricopa County is now the country’s fastest growing county, with transplants from California, Illinois, and Washington leading the way.

Living in Phoenix comes with many benefits to both you and your family. If you’re considering making the move or already proudly call Phoenix home, here are some resources to help ease the transition.

cost of living in phoenix

Cost of Living in Phoenix

With a quick glance at Phoenix’s cost of living compared to neighboring metropolises, it comes as no surprise that affordability is one of the city’s major selling points.

A relatively low cost of living compared to the national average, coupled with plenty of employment opportunities makes Phoenix an attractive new home. Current residents of California and Colorado, especially, find that the affordability of home ownership in the Phoenix area is a massive draw. That’s not even considering other factors like groceries and transportation that make the cost of living in Phoenix a bargain compared to Los Angeles, Denver, and San Diego.

Where to Live in the Metro-Phoenix Area

The Phoenix area is a bustling metropolis made up of several smaller cities and towns. While you will find much to do in Downtown Phoenix, most of the living areas exist outside the immediate city. As a result, there are abundant affordable housing opportunities spread out all over the Valley for both families and individuals. Here are some of the popular communities where to live in Phoenix.

where to live in phoenix

SOURCE: https://www.visitphoenix.com/

Moving to Mesa – The City of Mesa is a city in name because of its sheer population, but is actually a sprawling paradise for low-cost housing and commuters. Mesa has about half a million residents in a suburban, family-friendly atmosphere.

Moving to Tempe –The country’s largest university, Arizona State University, dominates the northern portion of Tempe, making it home to a younger demographic and several delicious mom and pop joints. Tempe’s central location in the Valley also makes its popular as a base for a quick commute to other neighboring cities.

Moving to Chandler – Chandler boasts some of the best high-achieving schools in Phoenix and provides an ideal mix of suburbs and commerce. Additionally, Chandler is popular among working professionals and families.

Moving to Gilbert – Gilbert has its roots as an agricultural oasis in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. It has since evolved into a more bustling city, while maintaining a quaint country feel.

Moving to Glendale – As center of the West Valley, Glendale offers affordable living and huge sporting events sure to please any fan. It houses stadiums for football and hockey teams, the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Coyotes.

Moving to Scottsdale – Scottsdale is well known across Phoenix as a hub for a high quality of life, spa resorts, famous culinary delights, and a vacation atmosphere. While housing is a bit pricier here compared to the rest of Phoenix, the trade-off is a vibrant leisure life during off-hours.

Moving to Phoenix – Downtown Phoenix has recently seen a transformation in construction and livability, making it a hip, urban center for dinner out or a visit to any number of museums. However, the outskirts of Phoenix still hold plenty of opportunity for families and commuters looking to settle down in quieter area.

Things to Do Around Phoenix

What’s it like living in Phoenix? With the population boom in recent years, the entertainment scene and explosion of activities show no signs of slowing down. Joining the Sonoran Crest team and living in Phoenix has tons of perks beyond the job.

These are just a few of the things to do that the Valley has to offer.

Discover the Arts

scottsdale waterfront

Scottsdale Waterfront

Roosevelt Row –  Roosevelt Row Artists’ District is a trendy strip in Downtown Phoenix and urban canvas that has become nationally recognized for arts, culture and small, locally-owned businesses.

Phoenix Art Museum – Catch up on your art history and observe constantly-changing modern exhibits at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Mesa Arts Center – Mesa Arts Center is one of Mesa’s cultural gems and regularly hosts shows and art classes for visitors of all ages.

Scottsdale Art Walk – Old Town Scottsdale houses dozens of galleries for a range of art, including Native American and modern.

First Fridays Art Walk – Enjoy the culture and spirit of Downtown Phoenix with thousands of other visitors during the First Fridays Art Walk, where you have free admission to several events and museums, and can explore countless local artists’ work.

Dine Out

Farmers Markets – When the weather’s nice, farmers markets pop up around the Phoenix area with farm-fresh meals and delicious finds.

Taste it Tours – This foodie experience is a great way for newcomers to get to know their neighborhoods’ food offerings anywhere in the Phoenix area.

Downtown Gilbert – Consistently named among the best—and burgeoning—foodie towns in the country, the pedestrian-friendly Downtown Gilbert knows exactly how to please every palate.

Downtown Chandler – The heart of Chandler is incredibly walkable, making it a prime dining spot for brunch, lunch, and after dark snacks in its many pubs, lounges and eateries.

Mill Avenue – Get a taste of a thriving college town in Tempe at any number of the delicious restaurants on the brick-lined Mill Avenue.

Explore Nature

explore nature in phoenix

Explore nature in Phoenix

Desert Botanical Garden – Learn all about the Sonoran Desert’s best plants and natural resilience at the Desert Botanical Garden.

Tempe Town Lake – This man-made lake is conveniently located in Tempe for a quick kayak rental, bike ride around, or picnic with the family.

Tonto National Forest – These 3 million acres of beautiful nature are perfect for a hike, catching a glimpse of wild horses, or taking your dirt bike out for a spin.

Hiking around Phoenix – With ideal temperatures half the year, Phoenix is a great place for a Sunday morning hike on any number of the area’s surrounding mountains.

Japanese Friendship Garden – The Japanese Friendship Garden is a unique oasis of Japanese culture tucked between Downtown Phoenix’s glistening high-rises.

Meet New People

Downtown Phoenix Nightlife – Live music, pubs with local brews, and unique cocktail bars dot the streets of Downtown Phoenix, where you’re sure to find more than one new friend to chat with.

Old Town Scottsdale Nightlife – Its walkable streets and open-air patios give Old Town Scottsdale an appealing atmosphere for happy hours and fun, chic cocktail lounges.

Cactus League Spring Training – Once a year, the Phoenix valley blows up with visitors from across the country who come together to catch games from 15 Major League Baseball teams.

Annual Festivals and Concerts – Nearly every day you can find fairs, festivals, and concerts celebrating cultures, food, arts and crafts, animals,  holidays and just about anything else you can ask for.

Kid-Friendly Fun

phoenix zoo

Phoenix Zoo

Arizona Science Center – The Arizona Science Center combines learning with fun through its countless hands-on exhibits and events.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix – As one of the top three children’s museums in the nation, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix offers state-of-the-art fun, imagination, and creativity.

Phoenix Zoo – Families can spend a full day at the Phoenix Zoo, where kids can learn all about the world’s unique species and habitats.

Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek – Schnepf Farms has self-pick gardens where you can choose your own veggies, peach orchards, and tons of events year round to experience some farm life.

Big Surf Water Park – When the temperatures start to rise, kids will be relieved to splash around at Big Surf Water Park located in Tempe.

Arizona Laws to Know

Living in Phoenix means adjusting to new laws and regulations as well. Coming from states like California or Washington, some of Arizona’s laws may come as a surprise.

Arizona Driving Laws – Recently, Arizona became the 48th state to ban texting while driving. Arizona roads also don’t have tollways or require bikers to wear helmets. Read up on several other driving laws before getting behind the wheel.

Gun Laws – One of Arizona’s legacies as the Wild West is its lax gun laws. However, some restrictions still apply.

Minimum Wage in Arizona – Sonoran Crest employees relocating to Arizona with a family will be happy to know that family members can earn at least a minimum wage above the national average.

Updated 2019 laws – Many resources on the internet may be outdated. Get informed on what you need to know to stay current.

Arizona Marijuana Laws> – The 2010 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act made medical marijuana legal in Arizona. Here’s what else you should know.

Arizona Alcohol Laws – The Arizona Department of Liquor shares information on alcohol related-ordinances involving age, place, and licensing.

Understanding Arizona Taxes – Depending on which state you’re joining from, Arizona taxes may be higher or lower.

Crime Stats Maps – This crime map by the City of Phoenix shares neighborhood crime rates and statistics to help you decide where in Phoenix is the safest for your needs.

Sonoran Crest looks forward to growing with you and welcoming you to our Phoenix home!