Construction Industry Trends Review from a real principal, not a journalist

November 20, 2016
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November 20, 2016 hostagent

The Sonoran Crest leadership team discussed challenges and solutions they are seeing recently in the construction industry and we’re actually surprised that more companies aren’t already on board with more supporting processes. Here are some of the trends we are seeing:

Cloud Computing

By definition it is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Cloud computing allows easy access and flow of information to all members of a project team. For example, we utilize a cloud based project management software that allows every project team member to login through any computer or mobile device to access all project relate information (submittals, RFIs, contracts, drawings, photos, daily logs, etc.) This repository for project information and the ease of access allows more efficient and accurate project management and everyone should be doing it by now.

Mobile Devices

Our cloud-based project management software is accessible on Sonoran Crest issued iPhones and iPad’s as an app, thus providing access to all project related information especially outside of the office. Gone are the days of having a laptop in the field.

GPS Software

Most frequently seen in surveying, managing work fleet vehicles, and tracking lost or stolen equipment locations, Sonoran Crest regularly relies on GPS tracking to track and account for project time. Through a mobile device app, a geo-fence is established for every project. Clocking in and out is accomplished when an employee enters or leaves the project’s geo-fence. We use this information to control future construction costs and this brings value to clients.

There are many successful estimators that prefer to do construction takeoffs from paper plan sets, and that’s an indication of how estimating software is still evolving. Our estimators use a software that allows customization, thus providing efficiencies and accuracy for the type of construction projects we bid.

Every year estimating and tracking software evolves, so we plan to check back in next year and compare the trends of 2017 to see if these continue to be the can’t-live-without items or if new solutions come to market.